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Bloom where you are planted.

Wife. Mom. Shop girl?


Of all the things I’ve done in my life, opening a flower shop is surely the most surprising. But the idea that my family and I brought a beloved business back to life in Perryopolis isn’t surprising at all.


Our roots run deep. I grew up here, and so did my husband and most of the people we know. And we’re happy to raise our girls here.


Being a part of the town’s new generation of small business owners makes us even happier. It’s an opportunity to get more involved in the community and meet more of the people who share this beautiful town with us.

Perry Floral and Gift Shop

If you’ve lived here long, you can remember Perry Floral’s fresh, local flowers. Like old friends, you’ve taken them to proms and carried them at weddings. You’ve seen them at funerals and invited them into your homes.


So let’s make new memories together. Let’s give our kids a chance to experience a happy Perryopolis childhood the way we remember.


That’s what it’s all about, really. We sell flowers to make people happy – so there you go, you can buy happiness.


Come see us soon!

Perry Floral and Gift Shop
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